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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About Logo Design Copyrights

Q. What is Copyright?
A. AIGA, the professional association for design, defines copyright as:

"The exclusive right to control reproduction and commercial exploitation of your creative work. Copyright protects any kind of artwork, including illustrations, photographs and graphic design. Except under certain circumstances (see "work made for hire" section), you own the copyright in your work at the moment you create it in a "fixed form of expression." A fixed form of expression is any tangible medium that can be perceived by humans, including traditional forms—such as paintings, sculptures, writings—and new forms that require a machine to perceive (e.g., GIF files, CDs, websites).


Q. What is Trademark?

A. A trade mark protects things like brands, business names, product names, advertising slogans and logos.


Q. What is Patent?

A. A patent can protect how your idea works. It can protect what it is made of, and even how it is made. It does not protect the appearance of your idea.


Q. Who owns the copyright of my logo design?

A. Once we hand over the final formats of your logo design to you, you are its legal copyright owner, and we do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You are able to trademark the logo design.


Q. Do I own the copyright of my typeface design?

A. Typeface does have some restrictions. However, it is true that the USA Copyright Office does not copyright typeface design. Read Copyright Ruling of 1988 to know more about it.


Q. How can I protect my logo from being copied by others?

A. There are many companies who provide worldwide copyrights. You can get your logo registered there for protection.


Q. Do you take any responsibility if my logo gets copied later on sometime?

A. No, we only take responsibility to design a unique custom logo for you. If later on someone copies your logo, we are not responsible for it.


Q. What is a Registered Logo design?

A. If your logo is simply a new design for your business or company then design rights can be a cost-effective route to give you some protection. If you have registered your logo design with a company who provides copyrights, then you can prove that someone has copied your design and the person who supposedly copied it must prove that they did not.


Q. Should I get my logo design copyrighted?

A. Yes., it is very strongly recommended.


Q. Can you provide me a few authentic Copyright Resources?

A. Yes. Here you go:

Copyright Resources


In UK:

In Australia:

  • Australian Copyright Council

In Canada:

Font Copyright / Licensing