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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About Banner Design Service

Q. How much does your banner cost?
A. Depending on the type and size of the banner you need, the price will vary. Our static banner of any size is for only £19.99. Generally the price increases as the dimensions increase, but we don’t charge you a penny extra for increased dimensions. For further details please check our banner design webpage.


Q. How long will it take for you to design a banner?

A. Our designer will come up with your banner in just 48 hours.


Q. How many revisions I can request for?

A. You are allowed to request unlimited rounds of revision; however, you are not allowed to make changes to the physical size of your banner, or a complete re-write of the text content. This will be considered a different banner and normal price will be applied. Otherwise, you can request any changes, such as text position, animation, etc.


Q. How to display Flash banner on my web site?

A. You need to download the banner SWF file and copy/paste the banner HTML code into web page(s) where you want your banner to appear. Then upload the SWF file and updated web page(s) with the banner code to your web site.


Q. Will you provide the source file for the banners?

A. Yes! We will provide the source file (PSD) for the banners upon request with no cost.


Q. In what format will you deliver my banner?

A. If it’s a static banner design, it will be provided in .psd, .jpg, .png, .gif. In case of an animated banner design, the file formats would be .gif and FLA File and if it’s a flash banner design, it will be provided in SWF File and FLA File.


Q. Would you be able to design a banner which includes my logo?

A. Definitely we will design your banner, send us your logo file in eps format, banner size and text which you want to place on your banner.


Q. Can you convert my Flash banner to GIF format?

A. Direct conversion from Flash SWF file to animated GIF or any other ordinary image format is hardly possible since the Flash SWF and bitmap formats (GIF, JPEG etc) are very different technically. We will charge separately for it.


Q. Do you offer a discount if I commission more than one banner?

A. Yes, we offer a 20% discount if you order more than 1 banner. This holds true for all types of banners. See banner’s Order now.


Q. I need this banner done really quickly, do you have a rush delivery service?

A. Yes! You can see your banner(s) in 24 hours or even before that for a few more bucks. For our rush delivery charges, go to banner’s Order now page.


Q. What if the banner information that I have provided is not sufficient enough?

A. We will contact you to obtain the additional information during the confirmation process.