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The true cost of building a website for free

When you search market for web designers, you might find many professionals do the job but at the same time you might also find many deceptions as well. These deceptions are amateurs, freelancers and non-professionals claiming what they are not and exaggerating their practical experience. One of the deceptions is free website builder, software for web development and building, which successfully hooks small-sized businesses and start-ups for designing and creating their official and business website for free.

Your online presence is as important to your business as a real, tangible shop. You need to impress, hook, attract and bring in customers to increase your business sales and revenues. A boring, dull sop presentation fails to persuade customers to step in. Same way, a boring, dully presented website meets the same fate. This software normally claims to charge you cheap or nothing at all. The packages are usually automated. But, the real picture is a different story altogether.

Hidden charges
The 'free' offer is full of hidden charges business might face in every step. The companies operating such software usually hide the real expenditures and attract customers and small businesses with the cheap offers, promotions and madcap packages. Usually customers come to know the real cost when they enter their account details to close the transaction. The more editing and customization you need, the more you end paying the software.

Customize service
With software, you only get templates. There is no facility of customization and even if you edit a few things here and there, you cannot design something which truly represents your business theme. The software offers you templates with pre-included texts, menu items and images. There is hardly any room for flexibility and amendments. The more you want customized theme, the more the software charges for it.

Free service gives out unexpected and spontaneous advertisements like pop-up which makes audience distracted and even encourage them to leave the website and move on to other company. Usually, the pop-up ads are unbearable and bombarded.

Search Engine Optimization
The free website builder doesn’t offer any personal domain name to businesses, which means your company fails to enjoy SEO benefits. Without custom domain name, search engines disregard the company as non-trustworthy and unreliable, again failing the company to have any satisfactory search engine rankings. Other factors through which the company pays with the ‘free’ service is lack of quality performance, loading time, poor navigation, amateur design, and poor quality website. What you need to do is find a professional website designing service within your budget which gives you interactive, appealing and quality official website for better productivity and efficiency.

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